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MicroMain Corporation offers complete computerized maintenance and asset management solutions for any type of facility or maintenance environment.  Thousands of organizations worldwide have used MicroMain to streamline and modernize their asset and maintenance management activities. MicroMain’s services are an essential component to optimizing maintenance operations.

MicroMain’s experienced staff works with your team to assess your needs. Assessments include evaluating current procedures, reviewing data and reporting requirements, and defining a maintenance strategy to accomplish your maintenance goals.

MicroMain provides complete implementation services. We will work with you to identify goals, design a realistic implementation plan, and assist with the execution of that plan to ensure success. This includes identifying your maintenance data, organizing that data in the way that maximizes efficiency, and building your maintenance database. Then, using our proven methodology, MicroMain will begin implementation.

Data Conversion/Integration: 
Have a pre-existing database that needs to be converted to utilize MicroMain XM? Our conversion experts guarantee a painless and complete transition to the new system. We can also provide integration services for your legacy or supporting systems.

Because MicroMain XM™ is shipped with open source code, it is completely user-customizable. However, many organizations prefer to have MicroMain provide customization due to our CMMS/EAM expertise, software proficiency and rapid execution.
We will analyze your requirements, design clear specifications, and provide firm cost estimates to ensure our products meet your needs in a cost-effective manner.

A well-trained staff is the key to quality maintenance. MicroMain offers instructor-led, hands-on training courses designed to teach maintenance professionals how to use MicroMain XM™ in the best way to benefit your organization. Special emphasis is placed on advanced techniques and shortcuts.

Customer Support: 
MicroMain is committed to offering the best customer support in the industry. Priority Support Subscribers receive unlimited toll-free telephone and email support and are eligible for free upgrades to the current version of our software.


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