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 PDA-based Barcode-enabled Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking in the Palm of Your Hand 

xmATRAK™ is an integrated asset tracking program that allows you to track the location of all of your assets using an SPT 1500/1700 barcode scanner from Symbol Technologies.

xmATRAK keeps track of all asset locations with a transaction log and multiple reports, giving you complete control over your assets. And, because xmATRAK is integrated with MicroMain XM, it is easy to implement.

As your facilities increase in size, the number of assets to be tracked also increases. Complicating the tracking of these new assets is tracking the movements of old assets to meet the needs of your expanding facilities. xmATRAK tracks all of these changes and provides data about the current condition of all your assets.

With xmATRAK, you can: 
• Create new asset documents on the handheld. 
• Create bar codes for each of your assets. 
• Perform inventories of assets. 
• Identify missing and misplaced assets. 
• Identify assets that need to be maintained. 
• Track the movement of assets. 

xmATRAK can be used with other MicroMain modules, too. Use with xmITRAK for barcode enabled inventory control and xmMOBILE for PDA-based work orders and inspections.

Identify and Track All Your Assets Using Handheld Barcode Scanners 

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