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MicroMain xmEXEC™

KiDa Design Inc.

 Executive Maintenance Information Manager 

Data Capture across the Enterprise 

xmEXEC™ allows users to import maintenance data from multiple facilities into a master database file and create detailed summary, analysis and comparison reports for their entire maintenance operation. xmEXEC captures and analyzes MicroMain XM data from across the enterprise. Dozens of pre-formatted reports and graphs make it easy to compare the maintenance activities of all your sites and properties.

With xmEXEC, you can see how productivity and costs at each property stack up against each other and against industry standards. Identify your best maintenance supervisors and most productive workers.  And xmEXEC is totally open (the source code is included). You‘re not locked into “one way” of doing things. It’s easy to create custom reports and graphs that look and work the way you want.

With xmEXEC, you’ll see results right away: 
• xmEXEC makes it easy to compare and analyze your operations by bringing together information from all of your sites into one master database.
• Use your favorite Microsoft® Office programs interactively with xmEXEC. Use Excel® to create custom graphs and explore complex “What If” scenarios. Use Word® to generate merge documents and forms. Use Outlook® to email reports and graphs over your network and the Internet.

Start improving your maintenance today!