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MicroMain XM

KiDa Design Inc.

Computerized Maintenance Management System easily track all work order information including asset location, status, due date, labor and cost information. And generate visual reports to measure progress and results.

Asset Management. That Works. 
MicroMain XM™ gives you the tools you need to streamline maintenance operations, maximize productivity and reduce costs.
This asset-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) works because it’s set up the way you actually work.
With MicroMain XM™, you can automate work orders, schedule preventive maintenance tasks and completely track assets. Plus you can track trends with comprehensive reports and make better decisions. 

Easy to understand and easy to use, MicroMain XM™ allows you to: 

Optimize Work Orders 
• schedule work orders with easy-to-use calendar. 
• add labor, parts, tools and diagrams to work orders. 
• assign work orders by shops or maintenance departments. 

Increase Asset Life 
• track assets’ current conditions and warranties. 
• create, edit and store inspection points. 
• view and navigate parent-child asset relationships. 
• store meter/mileage readings for equipment or vehicles. 
• manage fleets of vehicles. 
• store asset histories. 

Report Progress and Results 
• create unlimited reports. 
• combine several reports in batch reports. 
• associate work orders with general ledger accounts to provide cost and time analysis reports. 

You can also issue purchase orders, track inventory, assign labor and manage maintenance—your way. 
Use add-on modules to extend MicroMain XM’s value. 
Tap PDAs for paperless work orders, barcode scanners for electronic asset tracking, the web to send work requests, and more!

Start improving your maintenance today!