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PDA-based Barcode-enabled Inventory Control

Inventory Control in the Palm of Your Hand 

xmITRAK™ allows you to track inventory electronically using the SPT 1500/1700 barcode scanner from Symbol Technologies which is based on Palm Handheld Devices. Or you can utilize xmITRAK’s sophisticated inventory control features without using a scanner.

With xmITRAK, physical counts of parts in inventory can be recorded electronically using the SPT 1500/1700’s built-in laser barcode scanner or manually using physical count sheets. Once a physical count is complete, it’s easy to compare actual quantities with existing inventory levels, automatically make accurate adjustments, print variance reports, and identify shortages. The combination of xmITRAK and the SPT 1500/1700 is dramatically less costly when compared to other barcode-enabled inventory control systems.

An added bonus is that xmMOBILE™, MicroMain’s PDA-based work order and inspection software, and xmITRAK can also be loaded on the SPT 1500/1700 providing paperless work orders and inspections, barcode-enabled inventory control, asset tracking, and Palm Pilot functionality in a single handheld device.

With xmITRAK, you can: 
• Record physical counts electronically using the SPT’s built-in barcode scanner. 
• Add parts to work orders on the handheld to save time and increase productivity. 
• Automatically update inventory levels, print variance reports, and identify shortages. 

Track Inventory Electronically Using Handheld Barcode Scanners 

xmITRAK can be used with other MicroMain modules, too. Use with xmATRAK for barcode enabled asset tracking and xmMOBILE for PDA-based work orders and inspections.

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