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 Complete Key Control

Key Tracking to Improve Security 

xmKTRAK™ enables you to improve security by keeping track of all of your keys. You'll know immediately who has which keys, how many keys have been issued, which keys have been returned, and what keys are assigned to each asset.

Comprehensive yet simple to use, xmKTRAK allows you to issue keys to clients, staff, tenants and contractors. You can also monitor key returns and keep track of individual key inventories. Detailed information about each key and keyholder is available at your fingertips. For example, you can easily track key bittings, serial numbers, and individual transactions.

With xmKTRAK, you can not only assign keys to rooms, but also assign keys to buildings, equipment, vehicles or other assets. Records, including financial, are easier, too.

This module enables you to charge for replacement keys, track key deposits and issue receipts for keys. xmKTRAK gives you sophisticated control of all keys for your organization. Every transaction is automatically recorded for each key and keyholder to create a detailed audit log for liability purposes. Reports detailing current key data and key histories also help you analyze your key management.

With xmKTRAK, you’ll see results right away, including: 
• Increased control over the number of outstanding keys. 
• Accurate records of keys for specific assets. 
• Improved security with a master key system that limits accessibility. 
• Ability to monitor unissued keys. 
• Accurate tracking of key inventories. 
• Immediate access to detailed key information throughout the organization. 

Know where all your keys are at all times. Never lose track of who has which keys! 

Start improving your maintenance today!