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Work Order Time Entry

Simplified Labor Management 

xmLABOR™ is an integrated labor-tracking program that helps manage all labor and labor time used on your MicroMain XM work orders. xmLABOR provides a fast and easy way for employees to enter time on work orders without accessing MicroMain XM to do so. With xmLABOR, you can add labor to work orders and specify the time spent performing the work, as well as close work orders that your staff has completed.

You can send labor status reports to your maintenance staff using your email program, and also use xmLABOR to print reports that contain information about the labor and labor time spent on MicroMain XM work orders. And, because xmLABOR is integrated with MicroMain XM, it’s easy to implement.

Do you have users that need to be restricted from having access to sensitive financial information? Do you have users whose only duties are to update labor and close work orders? Or, you may have users that do not need to have a full installation of MicroMain XM on their computers. If this is the case, then xmLABOR is the perfect solution for your organization.

With xmLABOR, you can: 
• Quickly add labor to work orders without opening MicroMain XM. 
• Enter regular, overtime, double time and other hours. 
• Assign maintenance category to your work. 
• Close out work orders with a single click. 
• Batch process work order labor and time assignments. 
• Store and print staff photos. 

Easily Manage Labor and Labor Time on Your Work Orders 

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