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MicroMain xmMOBILE™

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PDA-based Work Orders and Inspections 

With xmMOBILE, you’ll see results right away, including: 

Maintenance in the Palm of Your Hand 
• Typical time savings of one hour or more per maintenance technician per shift. 
• Increase in accuracy, timeliness and completeness of data. 
• Improved productivity as technicians drop paperwork and gain “wrench time.” 
• Automatic tracking of repair time per asset. 
• Accurate tracking of spare parts and tools. 
• Greater ability to correct problems in the field. 

With xmMOBILE™, you can save valuable time and increase accuracy by accessing, updating and closing out work orders electronically with PDAs.

Eliminating the need for paper work orders, xmMOBILE allows you to transmit work orders electronically to your maintenance technicians.

The technicians simply: 
1) retrieve their PDAs from their cradles and access work orders. 
2) complete the work and update the work order right at the point of work performance, using the PDA to note any details such as supplies needed.
3) return the PDAs to their cradles.

xmMOBILE automatically updates the MicroMain XM database, so no further processing is required.

Maintenance staff can also create new work orders on the fly, track time as tasks are completed, and add parts and labor. With xmMOBILE, technicians and supervisors can easily add notes and comments to ensure accurate completion of tasks.

xmMOBILE makes it easier to design and conduct any type of inspection, too. Enter inspection data including pass/fail, ratings, measurements, readings and asset conditions. Mark inspection points for follow-up and automatically track failed inspection points including those for safety, asset condition assessments for compliance reports, move-in/move-out, and meter updates.

xmMOBILE can be used with other MicroMain modules, too. Use with xmATRAK for barcodeenabled asset tracking and xmITRAK for barcode-enabled inventory control.

Create, update and close out work orders and inspections electronically with PDAs! 

Start improving your maintenance today!