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Network-based Work Requests

Maintenance Requests Sent from Your Desktop 

xmREQUEST™ allows users to send work requests to MicroMain XM and check work status directly from their computer using a simple data entry form. xmREQUEST is a small accessory program that can be installed on any networked computer — even computers with remote connections. Once installed, users can send a work request directly to MicroMain XM. Just fill in a few simple fields and click “send.” A work request will be created in the MicroMain XM database, ready for the maintenance staff to process — no need to retype or cut and paste.

xmREQUEST’s email feature gives users the option to send an email message with pertinent work request details to members of their organization using any compatible email program.

With the WORK REQUEST STATUS function, users can view the status of any work request they have submitted. No more time wasted on answering phone calls from customers wondering when the work will be completed.

With xmREQUEST, you’ll see results right away: 
• You will increase productivity in your maintenance department by automating the request process and automatically update users on the status of work requested.
• The simple interface of xmREQUEST means little or no training for your users. 
• Maintenance staff can be notified automatically by email whenever a new work request is submitted.

Submit Work Requests and Check on Work Status Directly from Your Computer 

Start improving your maintenance today!