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Comprehensive Tool Management 

Tool Tracking to Improve Maintenance Productivity 

With xmTTRAK™ you can improve maintenance productivity by keeping track of all of your tools. You'll always know exactly who has which tools, how many tools have been issued, and how many tools have not been returned on time.

Easy-to-use xmTTRAK allows you to assign tools to contractors or staff with specific return dates and times. You can also maintain individual tool inventories and issue tools to specific facilities, properties, equipment and locations. With this module, you can accurately identify who last used and is responsible for an individual tool.

Detailed information—including cost, serial number, model and manufacturer of each tool—is immediately available to you. Charging for lost tools, collecting deposits for tools, and printing receipts for tools is easier as well.

xmTTRAK gives you comprehensive tool management that makes sense for your organization. Every transaction for each tool or toolholder is automatically recorded to create a detailed audit log for liability purposes. These transactions, other current tool data, and tool histories are displayed in an unlimited number of reports for comparisons and analyses.

With xmTTRAK, you’ll see results right away, including: 

• Reduced costs by replacing fewer tools. 
• Improved maintenance productivity by having the right tools available at the right place. 
• Extended tool life. 
• Accurate tool counts per maintenance technician and per asset. 
• Ability to monitor lost/found and destroyed tools.
• Immediate access to detailed information about each tool and each toolholder. 

Always know where all your tools are. 

Never lose another tool again! 

Start improving your maintenance today!