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 Web-based Work Requests

Maintenance Requests at Your Convenience 

xmWEB™ allows users with a web browser to use a simple interface to send a work request to MicroMain XM and check on work status via the Internet.

Using the WORK REQUEST FUNCTION, anyone with a browser and proper permission can request work to be done for a specific location. Just fill in a few simple fields and submit the request to MicroMain XM. A work order will be created in the MicroMain XM database ready for the maintenance staff to process.

With the REQUEST STATUS FUNCTION, users can call up any work request previously submitted to check its status. No more time wasted on answering phone calls from users wondering when the work will be completed. Use the NEWS FUNCTION to keep your users up to date on what's going on in the maintenance department.

Customize xmWEB to add your own pages for facility news, emergency procedures, discussion groups, safety tips, job postings, and awards.

With xmWEB, you’ll see results right away: 
• The simple interface of xmWEB means less training for your users. 
• Because there is no client software to install, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for xmWEB is low.

No need to troubleshoot, reinstall, or upgrade at the client level. 
• You will increase productivity in your maintenance department by automating the request process and keep users up-to-date with work status and news.

Bring the Power of the Internet to your Maintenance Operations 

Start improving your maintenance today!