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MicroMain XSP™

KiDa Design Inc.

allows you to "rent" the MicroMain XM software suite, which is delivered to you over the Internet. Without having to invest in supporting hardware, maintenance or IT resources, you can increase profitability for your organization.

With this application service provider (ASP) delivery, you can use the computerized maintenance management system from any location on any computer with a web browser. You receive full software functionality, upgrades, data management, security and supporting technical expertise.

Because you rent the software through a monthly subscription, you eliminate the costs related to purchasing and installing the system onsite. This includes savings on hardware infrastructure, software licensing, IT personnel and other costly elements of a standard implementation.

With MicroMain XSP, you can count on:
• A fixed, monthly expense rather than a capital outlay.
• A short implementation time.
• Protection from technological obsolescence.
• Reduced risk, since data center experts continually back up your data.
• Greater scalability.
• Reliable up-time provided by the data center.
• Reduced costs because you are not paying IT staff for system administration or maintenance.

MicroMain XSP is installed and hosted within a secure, world-class data center. Access the software over the Internet any time from any location!

Easily track all work order information including asset location, status, due date, labor and cost information. And generate visual reports to measure progress and results.